Month: June 2016

Brutis Blue Feather Cute Kitten

Another rescuer named him Blue Feather…..he was an “only” orphan….no siblings. He was so fearless among all my adult cats that I added the name Brutis to Blue Feather. He had his first shots but we adopted him out earlier than usual to a rescue person whose promise we could trust to neuter him. After […]

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Cats and Eye Contact

I am not surprised. Which two of my cats want (demand) eye contact when they are on my lap? It is the two I bottle fed as orphans! Pictured is Zeke who was an all alone (no siblings) orphan. The way he is sitting on me is exactly the way he was bottle fed. You […]

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Cute Cat Semi-Feral Darcy

┬áLove Those Fangs He had a horrible first year….first, his mom was captured by rescue but not him….a week passes and he gets attacked by another cat or something…..then captured, treated at vet and quarantined a month in a cage. None of this was my idea of a good thing. Then, when he tested negative […]

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