Cats and Eye Contact


I am not surprised. Which two of my cats want (demand) eye contact when they are on my lap? It is the two I bottle fed as orphans! Pictured is Zeke who was an all alone (no siblings) orphan. The way he is sitting on me is exactly the way he was bottle fed. You never bottle feed a kitten by placing it on its back because it could aspirate the milk and die. Upright is the correct and natural position for bottle feeding a kitten. So Zeke still connects with me wanting this very direct eye contact. Below is Lydia who was one of a litter of five orphans. Of the five, she was the one who fussed the most – she’d stop and start and chew the nipple instead of suck. As a result, she spent a longer time with me than the other four and got used to the eye contact. When she is on my lap, I cannot look away or she will tap my neck or face with her paw to say “remember to look at me.” Like dogs, many cats find direct eye contact intimidating. Not my two babies!

lydia eyes


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