Cute Kitten Zeke

baby-zeke-excellentZeke was found wandering alone down by the Lake. He was very tiny but his eyes were open. I was concerned pretty quickly that his eyesight didn’t seem good. The vet said that for his eyes to be that blue at his age there was probably a delay in development because of lack of nutrition. We’ll I bottle fed him for weeks. He was the only kitten I had at the time so he got a great deal of my attention. He thrived and is huge now. I am sorry to report that, while his eyes matured and turned green, his eye sight is still not as good as other cats. It doesn’t handicap him especially since he is an indoor cat and doesn’t have to hunt or look out for predators. I had always wanted an orange cat and my two adult females Lydia and Jasmine loved him. He has been an important part of my family for about 10 years now.


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