Big Brother Cute Cats 2

In a multi-cat household, it has become apparent to me that the males are more relaxed and better at play than the females. I think the females always sort of liked the foster kittens and would cuddle with them, but they didn’t want to do the rough housing the males did. I know I already posted some photos of the big brothers among my cats but these were too good not to share.

Below is Blue Feather and Harvey. Blue Feather was a remarkable kitten who was found all by himself alone as a tiny kitten. One has to wonder when you find an especially feisty kitten if they might not have wondered off from the litter on an adventure. He loved wrestling with the big cats. Harvey was a foster…..beautiful boy….who was with us a short time. In the photo below, he and Blue Feather took a nap together.


I have posted Mittens before. He was one of two boarding cats who ended up staying permanently. He is the most mellow cat who gets along with every body….male, female, big, small, naughty, nice. Here he is with tiny kitten Fox Fire. In this photo, I think you can see how the kittens look up to the adults….like any child craving attention and a role model.

I am very proud of my multi-cat household and these wonderful big brothers.

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  1. Gene says:

    It’s fantastic to watch all these cats getting along. And about the Males, they do seem to get along really well with each other fantastically. Of course I like cats.

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