Breeze’s Litter: Cute Kittens

July of 2009 was busy at my in-home shelter for the cat rescue. Seriously, the cat rescue in our small village did not have a shelter so relied on home foster care. Of all the volunteers, I had the most room and time to foster many cats. One of the litters born at my house was Breeze’s.

The variety of coat colors that could be born to a grey tabby never ceased to amaze me. In this case, there was an almost white one with grey markings; there was an all black baby, a grey tabby with white face and feet, and two (including Breeze) were black and white like a cow. I named them all after phenomenon in nature: Breeze, Storm, Galaxy, Cloudy, and Dusty.

To my great pleasure, I have been able to see Breeze during all these years because my good neighbor adopted her. I handled kittens carefully and not too frequently right after birth and then more every week. This socializing makes them very sweet, affectionate cats. When I come into my neighbor’s house, she runs right up to greet me and be picked up and handled. Here is the darling girl:

One comment on “Breeze’s Litter: Cute Kittens”

  1. Gene says:

    She sure does love people. Wonderful and fun that she is sort of close by.

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