In the Cold and Freezing Rain

In the cold and freezing rain of late October, Pearl appeared at our back door. How other neighbors had ignored this starving soaked white cat is beyond me but, at my home, she found shelter. Of course I brought her in the house, isolated her and dried and fed her and put the heat up. She had obviously been a pet at some point. I was broke and no animal rescue nearby could take her. So I asked an angel friend for help and she paid for the vet visit. There I found out one cause of the starvation, Pearl was declawed. She was an older cat too. My gut instinct told me she was someone’s pet who was dumped. One of the things I frequently saw, was an elderly person passing away and the kids just throwing the cat outside to fend for itself. Cat’s don’t fend for themselves well here especially declawed ones. After searching for the owner with no success and being turned down by two cat rescues to take her, she became ours and joined the other abandoned cats at our home. The six pound scrawny pathetic cat now is a healthy 12 pounds and a sweet sweet addition to our family. The photos before and after.


.pearl skinny 426  pearl hand small


3 comments on “In the Cold and Freezing Rain”

  1. Annie hoddinott says:

    Sweet Pearl…glad she found someone to love her and give her a forever home.annir

  2. Mary Roubinek says:

    Pearl is lovely and now has a good home.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Thank you Hilda.

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