Combining Kitten Litters

Zeke infant
Since my last blog post was about a mother-daughter team who would nurse each others’ kittens — I thought I would write about a combination that only partially worked. Zeke was found wandering alone…did he venture away from his litter or was he dropped off by some human? As you can see in the above photo, he was very tiny….

At the time he came to be my foster kitten, I had a Mama Siamese and her litter of six in my one bedroom. Her litter was several weeks older than Zeke but I thought it might be worth a try to put him in with her since he needed either nursing or bottle feeding. I rubbed her kittens with a damp cloth and then Zeke to put their scent on him. However, Mama had no interest in nursing him. Still, I did feel that Zeke could learn from the mama and her family, something I couldn’t teach him – how to be a cat eg. how to groom himself, how to use a litter box,etc. So our schedule every day went like this: I bottle fed him regularly. Then I would put him in Mama’s room and check on him. If I found this scene (see picture below)

zeke and siamese

I would leave him there. If I found him alone, he would sit with me on the couch with the chihuahuas. I kept Zeke after all that bonding….and he is unlike any other cat. He greets people like a dog would, acts like he is my son, and yet is the Alpha cat among the males. All the influences of his infancy, show in his personality.

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  1. Gene Barry says:

    I’m not too sure but he must weigh in at around 15 pounds now. a far cry from when he first came to us. Still beautiful, and he loves Hilda like she is his mommy.

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