Cute Cat Darcy Runs Away

I recently read an article about a house cat running away. The advice in the column was that, if your house cat gets out and is maybe lost, you should put their litter box outside a door. The lost cat will be able to smell it from a great distance and find its way home. That would not have helped when our semi-feral house cat Darcy got out. He was not lost.

My husband was walking out the door and something spooked Darcy and out he bolted. This was a cat that showed no interest in the out of doors before this. However Darcy was not lost….we saw him every day. Outside, he stayed near the house: under the deck or in the high grass in the woods behind us. He would see us watching him but he would not come to us.

He had had a horrible start in life running wild with his stray mom. Then before the cat rescue could save him, he was attacked by an animal out of doors and had a bad head injury. After that he was quarantined a couple months to be sure he didn’t have rabies.He was kept in a cage alone in someone’s upstairs. After the quarantine, I insisted on taking him and working with him to become tame and not hide all the time. After three years at my house he was doing quite well getting along with the other cats and letting me pet him. However, when he bolted out the door he reverted back to his wild days and wouldn’t let us near him.

We put food out for him in an entry way and left the door open, hoping he would come home. He ate and drank but did not stay around. Almost a month passed. It was October and nice weather but soon it would turn cold. We resorted to putting his food in a trap in the entry way. It took a couple days but we got him.

I had to pull a couple ticks off of him but otherwise he was fine and hadn’t reverted to totally feral. Pretty soon he was back to his old self. Here he is lounging on a shelf.


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  1. Gene Barry says:

    Darcy did everything that Hilda said, But I think he was enjoying being out for a while. We saw him one time out back near the woods , He was standing at the feet of a deer staring at us like he was showing the deer that this was his home. After a bit we did finally get him back in the house. He was amazing, and allowed Hilda to reach into the trap we caught him in and loved Hilda’s touch. She petted him and petted him. He enjoyed being back with mommy Hilda.

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