Cute Cat Miss Bruce; Agouti Coat

Some of you may know an Agouti is a South American animal. It is also a term used in the cat world for a specific type of coat. An agouti coat means that one strand of hair contains three colors. The Abysinian breed of cats has an overall agouti coat. If you look at Miss Bruce she looks like an average tri-color cat.

Miss Bruce is just an average American short hair cat with a sweet disposition. However the tan parts of her coat are agouti. In the photo below you can see how the skin is black and then single strands of fur have three colors.Each of the strands in that patch of fur ends in the tan color although that is hard to see from the photo.

One comment on “Cute Cat Miss Bruce; Agouti Coat”

  1. Gene Barry says:

    Miss Bruce came to us because we offered to babysit her and mittens. The lady told us wrong about their genders, saying that miss Bruce was male. thus why we now call this kitty miss Bruce, come to find out Bruce is female.
    Bruce has one of the friendliest dispositions of the cats in our house. I have even seen her stand up against other cats teasing one of our other females.

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