Cute Cat Photos: Short Stories

We have had over 2000 foster animals in our house. Some of the cats and kittens were here so briefly that all I have left of them is a single photo and very short story. Of course, it is wonderful when stray and surrendered cats/kittens are adopted very quickly because it makes room for more. There was a never-ending number of strays even though we are a small community.

This first kitty is Noah. He is the only “agouti” cat I saw come through the rescue. In the cat world, an “agouti” coat is typical of the Abyssian breed of cat. What the would “agouti” describes is a coat made up of fur in which each strand is tri-colored. In Noah’s case almost every strand started tan at the root and continued with a band of white and then dark grey.

This second kitty is little Brutis Blue Feather. He was a single orphan on his own. Another rescuer named him Blue Feather before bringing him to my home. When I saw how fearless he was with my big males – how rough and tumble – I added Brutis to the front of his name. He had had vet care and vaccines but kittens are hard to sex. The new owner called me shortly after adoption to tell me that “Brutis” was a girl.

This last kitten is Apsen who is in the process of speaking. Coming up with names for litter after litter of stray kittens was challenging but it was good for my imagination. Aspen’s litter was not named after ski resorts but trees. His litter mates were Hickory and Maple.

I hope you enjoyed my three very short stories.

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  1. Mary Roubinek says:

    Very nice article and cute photo’s.

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