Cute Cat: Rotten Teeth

I have been rescuing and fostering cats over 15 years now. For the first time, recently I had a cat with a dental problem. I researched and apparently it is not uncommon but it has not happened to me before. I feed hard food almost exclusively and I think that helps.

My cat Blaze started drooling. Although he is semiferal, I caught him very relaxed and was able to feel his top and bottom teeth. No I did not get bit nor did I see him act like there was any pain. The drooling continued and by the second attempt to catch and crate him, I got him off to the vet.

Here is his original litter at 14 weeks that came to be fostered at my house. 

Blaze is the orange kitty on the left. They were all scared to death so I kept them in a smaller part of the house so I could handle them and get them used to me. His sisters socialized quickly but Blaze did not want to be touched. During this time the rescue would put them all in a condo and take them to adoption events and Blaze always huddled in a corner. A year passed and I decided this was not doing him any good. So I adopted him.At the time I did not see the dollar signs ahead.

This chart has all the teeth that were removed by the vet colored in with blue ink. You can see very few were left. Fortunately the vet was able to give him a long term pain injection and antibiotic. I was worried this would make him go backwards from the progress he has made in being friendly. After a couple days, though, he was back to normal. He’s still not a lap cat but does tolerate petting and is enjoying canned food!

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  1. Gene says:

    Blaze has been a beautiful cat to watch. When he decides to jump on the back of the love seat, (where Hilda sits). he is just so graceful. He goes a little higher than the seat then sort of just drops onto the back, where he will usually head butt Hilda, in the back of the head waiting for a few loving strokes from mom, then he goes over and lays on Zeke. Such a beautiful cat to be sure……..

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