Cute Cat Semi-Feral Darcy

Darcy fang Love Those Fangs

He had a horrible first year….first, his mom was captured by rescue but not him….a week passes and he gets attacked by another cat or something…..then captured, treated at vet and quarantined a month in a cage. None of this was my idea of a good thing. Then, when he tested negative for rabies and healed, it was no surprise that he ran wild around a house not letting a human touch him. So I said I would work with him. When you decide to work with a feral cat you are committing to years. Fortunately, he liked being with my other cats so that helped him relax….by end of six months he would let me pet his head briefly while he came out from under the bed to eat. Six more months passed like that and one day he jumps up next to me on the couch. All I can say is he saw the other cats trusting me and they seemed to be getting something out of my touch. Next thing I know he is letting me pet him. Then the weird happened…he didn’t just come up next to me on the couch, he flopped and tolerated a full body massage. And so it is three years later. I know I can pick him up and put him in carrier if I need to. He still doesn’t especially like being petted when he is on the floor. The few times I have gently put him on my lap, he slowly backs off. I have yet to see a feral/semi-feral cat become anywhere near as “domesticated” as a kitten raised with humans. I love him and he loves me just the way we are.

Darcy 1

3 comments on “Cute Cat Semi-Feral Darcy”

  1. G says:

    he’s a firm all black, stocky cat
    with a great temperament. Loves wrestling with one of our other long haired cats. Fun to watch. Sometimes Darcy is on top then at other times Simon is dominant.

  2. Mary Roubinek says:

    Real nice story. Do love those fangs. I have not taken care of a semi-feral cat, but have fostered scared dogs. So it’s true it is a long road ahead. If you know that going in, things work out.

  3. Gene says:

    he is a wonderful quiet cat, and he does love Hilda’s attention for sure.

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