Cute Cats: Contrary Cats

So my dear friend Mary likes to buy my cats something luxurious once in awhile. First the deluxe velour pink and beige bed came in the mail. All the cats checked it out one at a time as they usually did to anything new.They seemed excited.

Next in the mail, I received the above more macho shark bed of very soft velour. This was more spacious so the bigger cats used it the most at first. Then this started to happen.Below is Mittens who was just one of the cats who preferred the bed all scrunched down as opposed to a luxurious cubby hole.

Cats are so contrary. You call them to come to you and they turn their backs and walk away. You give them their favorite food and the ignore it. You want to show your friends how cute your cat plays with the string toys – the cat refuses to play.

So now this is the scene at my house. The deluxe canopy beds are being used like cots.


2 comments on “Cute Cats: Contrary Cats”

  1. Mary Roubinek says:

    I am Mary who sent the beds. Doesn’t surprise me that they do this. Glad they like the beds and use them which ever way they like.

  2. Gene Barry says:

    Thanks Mary. We sometimes puff them back up (out) but lately they all seem to just enjoy crushing them back down and sleeping on them that way. In fact our one rescued cat Simon seems to really really really like sleeping in the crushed down blue whale. ha ha ha ha . . .

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