Cute Cats Zeke and Blaze

Blaze was/is semi-feral. His litter was born in a shed and not captured until they were about three months old. His two sisters socialized fairly easily at my house but he was hiding. When the sisters were adopted, a wonderful thing happened. Zeke, one of my early rescues and a big adult male, adopted Blaze. They became inseparable as you see in the first photo. Because Zeke trusted me so much and Blaze laid on the couch with him, soon I could pet Blaze also. He was un-adoptable though because he showed so badly. I kept him and every year he is tamer – not a lap cat but used to touch and handling. I love him and he is beautiful to watch because he has the body of a Siamese In first picture, Zeke is on the right and Blaze on left. In second picture is Blaze as frightened kitten.


Zeke and Blaze cheek to cheek blaze dodo4



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  1. Mary Roubinek says:

    Cute story and Zeke is a keeper.

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