Cute Dogs Maggie Mae and Cayenne

When I first moved to New York state, I returned to the Twin Cities often and visited my friend, Mary Roubinek, founder of Small Dog Rescue of Minnesota. Occasionally, she would send a small dog with me to New York for me to place because our local rescue seldom had small dogs. On one visit to Minnesota, a man needed to surrender his two chihuahuas because he was having an organ transplant. I have since learned that it is common for people having transplants to have to give up their pets.

This was an elderly gentleman who had rescued these two chihuahuas from a shelter originally. I went with Mary to pick them up and he was so sad to give them up but resigned. He asked us to promise to keep them together and we did. Here is Maggie Mae, the older of the two.


My previous experience was that it was easy to place Chihuahuas in my community.┬áThe local rescue gave me a courtesy posting on their website. However six months passed and I couldn’t find an adopter who would take both girls. Small Dog Rescue of Minnesota asked me if I would be a permanent foster instead. Both tiny girls (5 lbs) were easy and delightful, fine with my other chihuahuas and foster cats. Below is Cayenne.


I gave them a good home for the rest of their lives and both lived to a good old age.

2 comments on “Cute Dogs Maggie Mae and Cayenne”

  1. Mary Roubinek says:

    I am Mary Roubinek and both of these precious girls deserved to live out their lives together and we promised that to the man that had to surrender them.

  2. Stella Astheimer says:

    So glad you were able to keep them together. The bond between two dogs can be as strong as the bond between people. One of our dogs outlived his companion by 4 years and though we lavished extra attention on him, the change/sadness in him was always there, always painful to see.
    When the time came that our second was passing, we imagined two little ears peeking up at the end of the tunnel, waiting for his dear friend.

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