Cute Kitten Erin

Erin was part of a litter born at my house around St Patrick’s day. I gave them all Irish names. In the first picture below, Erin is just a couple days old. I usually didn’t handle kittens this small but the mamma cat was experienced, very relaxed, and had been in my home awhile before giving birth. These pictures emphasize how helpless kittens are at birth with their closed eyes and ears. Also many people don’t know that for the first two weeks kittens can’t defecate or urinate with out mom stimulating them. Just as importantly,  newborns cannot regulate their own temperatures and need to be close to mom at almost all times. From left to right, Erin is newborn, then 1 week old, and then three weeks old. (my hands are unusually small so yes, kittens are tiny at first)



amom daughter litter sherry newborn bmom daughter litter 25 cmom daughter litter 14 Erin

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