Cute Kittens: The Irish Bunch


The only time I combined two pregnant moms was when it was a mother and daughter surrendered by an elderly woman. Clementine was the grey tabby momma and Sherry was the not quite one year old Calico daughter. I had a room for them and created beds under furniture and in boxes so they had a choice where to have their litter. Daughter Sherry gave birth first on St. Patrick’s day. So I named her litter with Irish names: Shamrock, Kelly, Grady, Erin.


From the beginning, Momma Clementine was a help to Sherry and Sherry was happy to have mom cuddle up with her and her litter. Clementine had her kittens only one week later and from that time on nursing was shared….whichever mom was in the mood, the kittens would be with her. I would never have tried this combination with two females who didn’t know each other although some rescues do.

Here is adorable GRADY.


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  1. Gene says:

    Both moms were great. As well as all their kittens turned out fantastic. Hilda is good with all animals, Great instincts.

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