Cute Kittens in Slippers

All of us catlovers know the saying about cats and boxes: “if I fits, I sits.” We also know the anecdotes about dogs fetching slippers. But we found at our house that kittens love slippers. During the years I was fostering kittens at my home for the local rescue, I realized that it isn’t just adult cats that like snug spaces. The kittens loved my husband’s slipper. The first picture is Faith’s litter exploring a slipper. The second photo is of Brutis Blue Feather enjoying the foot and slipper. I will tell the tale of Brutis Blue Feather in my next post.


faith litter slipper Brutis Blue Feather in Slipper

2 comments on “Cute Kittens in Slippers”

  1. Mary Roubinek says:


  2. Gene says:

    Gezzzzzzzzzzze it was my slipper, and sometimes when I was in them.

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