Dash and Evie Scared to Death

A friend had founded Small Dog Rescue of Minnesota. I believe all small dog rescues in the Midwest were contacted about a rescue in Chicago. A woman had hoarded over 100 dogs in her apartment. They were semi-feral to feral….they were fed but not handled and never went outdoors.

Dash and Evie were delivered to me in a small crate and Dash, the bigger dog, was hiding behind Evie. I knew if I just let them out I might never catch them. So I grabbed a towel and got a hold of Evie. My guess was right that she was more afraid than aggressive. She tolerated being held in my arms in a towel …I talked to her in my most reassuring voice. Then I put her down and did the same with Dash. He could see that Evie wasn’t hiding but standing near to me and that comforted him. Dogs are so much easier to rehab than cats. After that I could touch them, put a leash on them, whatever I needed to do. They were adopted by a good friend and I got to see them turn into confident dogs.

evie and dash

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  1. Mary Roubinek says:

    I remember Dash and Evie and they had a good life with Hilda and new adopter.

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