Deaf Rescue Kitten

This little kitten Daphne was part of a litter of five that I fostered until they were adopted. The entire litter was mostly white with some small patches of other colored fur. One day I was vacuuming in their room. They all hid under the bed but Daphne. My first thought was “she’s pretty fearless.” But then I thought again. I turned off the vacuum made a high pitched screech and the kitten didn’t move. I asked my husband to come in and make a loud noise. He banged a pan and she didn’t budge. She was deaf I realized.

Deafness in cats occurs most often in white cats. It is not a big handicap for an indoor cat. I knew I needed to find the right home and found a loving older lady who kept her safe.


deaf kitten

2 comments on “Deaf Rescue Kitten”

  1. Mary Roubinek says:

    good story.

  2. Mary Roubinek says:

    Great story. Glad the kitten found a good home

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