A Different Rescue Story

Patch was a gift given to me when Ruby, a rescue, was quite old. Ruby had never accepted another dog in the house but she accepted this little puppy. First picture is of Patch the puppy and Ruby sharing a bed. The reason this story is a “different” rescue is that it is about how I treated Patch’s broken back. A few years after I was given Patch, a vet assistant dropped Patch and broke his back. I told the vet I wanted to bring him home immediately. He was on steroids but I started researching and talking to other people. Best thing, I learned, was to get him in water. I started soaking him every day in a bucket of hot water. Meanwhile the summer weather was here and every day I started carrying him to the creek where he and I would swim. In the second photo, I have his leash tied to the couch so he could not jump up and down and hurt his back more. After two months, Patch was pretty much back to normal…..I kept him fairly quiet awhile longer but I can not say enough about the healing power of water therapy.


Ruby and Patch Patch broken backb

3 comments on “A Different Rescue Story”

  1. Barbara L says:

    “Broke his back”. Do you mean there was damage to one or more of his vertebrae? Did they fuse on their own? I’ve heard water therapy is great for humans, and nice to know works for animals too.

    1. Hilda says:

      I don’t remember the vet taking x-rays, but Patch lost the use of his back legs and that just slowly came back with the water therapy.

  2. Mary Roubinek says:

    Good old patch. Never met Ruby but I am sure was a good dog.

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