Dollar Store Kitten


I wasn’t officially into cat rescue yet. Fortunately, a friend from out of town with cat rescue experience was with me. We were at the Dollar Store when two young teenagers walked up to us and asked us if we would take these kittens. They each held a tiny kitten way too young to be away from Mom (2-3 weeks old). I knew that the kittens would die if the girls kept handling them and didn’t keep them warm. We said yes. They had to be bottle fed and kept really warm – fortunately it was summer and I made a cozy bed for them in the house.

I kept the female and named her Jasmine. Maybe because she was my first cat in 35 years or because she was my first cat in that household, she always had a queenly attitude. She made it very clear to me and the chihuahuas that she disapproved of anything beneath her dignity like being cuddled like a baby or sniffed like another dog. In spite of that queenly attitude, she seemed to welcome the next female who was a kitten. Jasmine always remained the alpha cat. She died a couple years ago after a battle with breast cancer at the age of 12. During her final months she was on my lap constantly for comfort. Once she was in pain, it was time to say goodbye. She was the best thing I ever got at the dollar store and she was priceless.



2 comments on “Dollar Store Kitten”

  1. Mary Roubinek says:

    I was the friend that was with Hilda and was glad we got the babies. They were small and needed the care.

  2. Gene Barry says:

    Jasmine, She knew that she was Queen, and also let everyone around her know that. Miss her

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