It’s Too Easy to Love A Kitten

vienna 2
There are people involved with rescue for whom animals become only numbers. I don’t fault them if that is what they have to do to cope. But I always loved my fosters and had to come to terms with that early. I loved some more than others. Here is Vienna. Her litter was born at my house early on in my rescue days. Her mama was experienced and I believe tired. She was more than happy to have me entertain her babies and give her a break. I thought Vienna was the most adorable thing I had ever seen. So then I had a choice between love or the right thing to do. I knew I couldn’t keep every cat/kitten that was going to go through my house. Also, I knew there may come a day when a different cat/kitten might need me more because of disabilities.I let her go to a good family.


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  1. Mary Roubinek says:

    Good story.

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