Funny Cat Simon


Here is Simon. I was supposed to be cat sitting him for a month and now two years later he is still here. I thought he was gorgeous from the first time I saw him. He is a large, long hair tuxedo with beautiful white markings. I was led to believe he was a tame cat. He was not. Simon was super standoffish to people but as usual was welcomed by the other males with bouts of play wrestling. The best tool I have for socializing a feral cat, besides patience, is their acceptance by other cats in the household. I found that Simon very carefully watched his new buddies and they showed him that he could trust me. They showed him that my touching them was a good thing. At first I could only pet him when he ate and honestly that lasted most of the first year. During that first year, he spent more and more time near us in the living room but we couldn’t pet him.

As year two started, he started approaching me for petting. Cautiously I began picking him up very calmly and briefly because I needed to know I could get him in a carrier to the vet. He did not panic or run away so that was good. If I approach him when I am standing up I can forget about touching him. But now he lays on the arm of the love sit where I sit to write. He is getting closer to me all the time. He has a funny habit of putting his teeth on me then licking when I scratch his chin. He doesn’t hurt me so I don’t discourage it the way I would in a tame cat. Here’s the beautiful boy on the back of the couch in the living room.


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  1. Mary Roubinek says:

    I have had the chance of meeting this guy and is a very nice boy.

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