Funny Cats: A Case of Mistaken Identity

I had a call from a woman who asked if I would board her daughter’s two cats. I said yes as long as she could show me they were up to date on their shots. She agreed to take them to my vet before bringing them to my house. So she brought me Mittens and Bruce and gave me their paperwork. She said Bruce was the white male cat with brown and black¬†patches and that Mittens was the black female short haired tuxedo.



They were easy cats and very sweet and a year passed. It was time for their annual check up at the vet. He looked them over and they got a clean bill of health. Then year two passed and the actual owner came to visit. From her we learned that we had had Bruce and Mittens mixed up for two years and not just us but the vet also.

After two years, the cats were used to their names but I thought at least I should acknowledge their gender. So Mittens became Mr. Mittens and Bruce became Miss Bruce. The “Miss Bruce” confuses most people but oh well.


Mr Mittens in office chair

Miss Bruce

2 comments on “Funny Cats: A Case of Mistaken Identity”

  1. Mary Roubinek says:

    Nice story and nice cats, as I have been around both of the.

  2. Gene Barry says:

    Both cat’s are wonder. As it turns out Mr Mittens is a guy’s cat and loves to sit on my lap,(If I have my legs up, then he likes laying along my legs and he then starts kneeding. OUCH STOP that. Mrs Bruce loves to lay in front of myself or Hilda if we lay down on the couch or Love seat, Purrrrring away in total bliss.

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