Injured Kitten Rescued

If you rescue stray and homeless cats, it is inevitable you will run across injured kittens. Some are more tragic than others but in the spirit of the holidays I will tell stories with happy endings. This first orphaned kitten we named “Flame” because she had a streak of orange on her forehead.

Her right front leg was unusable and she held it up as if it were in an sling. Perhaps the mom rejected her because she was different. It happens. It is just as likely that Flame’s bad leg was a birth defect. I fostered her and observed her from when she was about 5 weeks old. She seemed to function perfectly well in spite of the problem front leg. Our rescue vet raised the question of whether or not the useless limb should be amputated. I argued that she didn’t drag it and it didn’t keep her from playing like any other kitten. The night after that conversation with the vet she caught a small mouse in the hallway….her growling woke us up because she was ferociously guarding her catch from all the full grown cats. She was determined that mouse was hers!!!! Vet agreed with me and she went to a wonderful home where she does just fine

Below is little kitten Franklin. His story is a bit more upsetting. A home owner saw someone throw him out of a truck. Sickening isn’t it? His injuries were bad but our vet was up to the challenge. Most of the injuries were in the rear end:  a prolapsed anus, broken legs. Franklin, in spite of such bad injuries, healed physically and emotionally and become one of our well loved kittens who found a good home. The witness was not able to record the license of the truck but in a similar incident later that year, the witness did write down the license the the driver was charged.

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