Lydia’s Litter

My first rescue kittens that were young enough to need bottle feeding were Lydia’s litter. There were five and it took 45 minutes to feed them and then I’d start all over in 3-4 hours. Lydia and Maggie looked so much alike the only way I could tell them apart was the black spot on Lydia’s nose. Lydia was hard to bottle feed as some kittens are….she would chew on the nipple because she was teething then eventually get back to sucking. She always wanted to look me in the eyes while she ate. Now you can’t lay a kitten on its back to bottle feed or it will aspirate formula into its lungs. But I held her upright as if she was standing and that was how I kept the eye contact. A friend adopted her look alike Maggie and the all black kitten she named Spook. It is a treat to be able to see kittens you rescued as adults and below left is Spook, then Maggie in the middle. At the bottom is Lydia…she was the last to be adopted so I kept her to keep my cat Jasmine company. To this day she demands that eye contact when she lays on my chest. Lydia grew to be much larger than Maggie and Spook and looks like a small Maine Coon Cat.

Spook Maggie Lydia beautiful

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  1. Gene says:

    on her back on the floor. Maybe she still wants to be fed, who knows

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