Making Space in Multiple Cat Household


Miss Bruce developed eye herpes which was very hard and expensive to get under control. Fortunately, none of the other cats developed it partly because Miss Bruce is a loner and doesn’t cuddle with other cats. But to keep the eye herpes in remission I needed to reduce her stress. The best way to do that in a multiple cat household is to make space for the cats to spread out.

The best way to do this for us was to build shelves. This is the living room and the cats use the shelves all the time except, (you guessed it), Miss Bruce. But it did allow the cats to spread out and Miss Bruce is alone more often in her favorite room. Really good news: it has been years and the eye herpes is still in remission.

Note: Cats can have systemic herpes which can also stay in remission.

four cats on shelf

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  1. Mary Roubinek says:

    Good job!

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