MultiCat Household: Keeping the Peace

I have talked about the shelves in our living room before. Here is another version of the story. Bruce and Mittens were surrendered to me after I boarded them for two years. Almost immediately after Bruce developed an expensive and difficult condition: eye herpes…..It had probably laid dormant but there was no way for the previous owner or me to know that. So it took a bit but I finally found a vet who knew the best treatment to put it in remission. However, stress could cause it to flare up again. Bruce is a fairly timid cat and so I figured giving her [yes Bruce is a girl] some escape space would be good..

Jackson Galaxy of Animal Planet recommended that making extra spaces, especially high shelves, reduce stress and tension in a multicat household. Almost three years ago my husband built shelves across the living room with Bruce in mind. We wanted to make space for cats to spread out to reduce any stress Bruce might feel. . Immediately the male cats made it a play ground. They played so hard we carpeted the shelves to prevent accidents. After three years, guess what happened in 2017? For the first time Bruce started using the shelves. She goes up there at the crack of dawn when other cats are busy eating and cleaning. Don’t ask me! I am not up that early. My husband took the photos.

 Bruce on highest shelf near the ceiling

2 comments on “MultiCat Household: Keeping the Peace”

  1. Gene Barry says:

    Husband here; no don’t ask me why either, I just looked up one morning and lo – N – behold there on one of the mid height shelves was Bruce. So I grabbed my camera to record the special event. She eventually went across all of them from the west wall to the high on that goes kitty corner to the North wall, then proceeded to sniff her way around to the East wall and down to the floor. She looked at me like ” WOW ” I think I enjoyed that. ha ha ha ha CATS who knows>>>>>>>>>

  2. Mary Hughes says:

    Each of my 3 cats has found his or her favorite places to nap. Sometimes the alpha cat Avery will temporarily take over a spot but there doesn’t seem to be a problem with that.

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