Puppy Mill Rescue


I saw on the television that a Humane Society had closed a puppy mill near Buffalo, New York. They had 100’s of small dogs and needed foster homes. At the time, I had no fosters so I called. They had a very pregnant miniature poodle. I was very excited about having puppies born at my house – that would have been first. But I got a call the day I was supposed to pick up the female and they said she had had her puppies and could I wait one day. So the next day, I picked up Mama and 8 one-day-old babies. Mama was an apricot colored poodle which I guess is a very desirable color. Her puppies were all black but one I named Peanut because he was the color of peanut butter. Here are members of the litter with my dear friends Mary and Mel who were visiting my cottage.

poodle rescues

3 comments on “Puppy Mill Rescue”

  1. Mary Roubinek says:

    Great article.

  2. Gene says:

    Was fun watching them learn and play.

  3. Stella Astheimer says:

    Thank heavens for people like you, Hilda, who not only recognize the gift these animals are, but are also willing to step up to the plate for them. You well deserve our respect and gratitude for your compassionate love and efforts on their behalf.

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