Scrappy and Me

It is very tempting for all of us to think it is funny when tiny dogs act ferocious. It’s hard not to laugh when a four pound Chihuahua bears its teeth, growls and acts fearless. The humor, I guess, is that the Chihuahua really is delusional and has forgotten its size. However, it is a really bad idea to let small dogs get away with this because often they end up biting. I’ve seen Cesar Milan break small dogs of this and it isn’t easy. Scrappy was an adult Chihuahua mix that had gotten away with this. He was surrendered to our Small Dog Rescue of Minnesota. Fortunately, with him there was no biting but it was a turn off to some people. In looking for a home, I found a man who had worked with difficult dogs before….some handicapped….some with bad temperaments and all small. When I told him about Scrappy, he said “sure” he’d like to adopt him. Happy Ending. Here are Scrappy and I in a Look-Alike photo that won first place at a vets.

look alikes

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  1. Mary Roubinek says:

    I am the founder of Small Dog Rescue and this is true about scrappy. Fun dog.

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