Seven Kittens 1

Often we don’t know the backstory behind animals being abandoned and/or stray. One day I had a call that seven kittens had been found alive in a road. The person who picked them up off the road said she suspected that the closing of a nearby trailer court was behind it. I like to think that the person who abandoned them¬†might have been desperate since both nearby rescues were full and no one will rent to a person with seven kittens. I had a surprise when they were brought to my home to foster! The seven were three different ages. There were three only about 5 weeks old, all black and white (in the first photo). Then there were three gray tabbies about 8 weeks old The oldest was a black male about 10 weeks ¬†old (second photo).They all looked to the oldest male for assurance as they got used to me and their new home.Once neutered, spayed and vaccinated they all were adopted.


littlest of seven seven rembrant

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  1. Mary Roubinek says:

    Glad they were all adopted and hope they are thriving.

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