Spicy Valentine: Pepper

My friend Mary had started Small Dog Rescue of Minnesota. She was receiving calls from animal control and humane societies to take small dogs they thought she could place better than them. I was an active volunteer when she received a call from the big humane society. The woman on the phone literally whispered while asking her to come see this chihuahua with a medical problem. That was all the caller would say. Mary and I couldn’t imagine what would be so horrible that they wouldn’t give us any details over the phone. But off we went to rescue the dog. His name was Pepper and here is the tiny guy with Mary.

When we got to the shelter, one of the director’s was able to get out the fact that Pepper had an intractable penis. This is not an unknown condition in the animal kingdom and all that was required was to keep his penis lubricated. Once we got him in the car, we had a good laugh about Minnesota shyness that couldn’t allow for saying “penis” over the phone.

Pepper was a sweet and spirited little guy. Mary found an absolutely wonderful adopter for Pepper and later that lady and Pepper attended Mary’s wedding! Here is the handsome guy.

2 comments on “Spicy Valentine: Pepper”

  1. Gene says:

    I hadn’t known about this one. C R A Z Y….. is all I can say.

  2. Mary Roubinek says:

    Great article! This is Mary with Pepper and he was a special little guy indeed.

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