Three Great Things about Dog Rescue

The first great thing about dog rescue was helping the dogs. Usually the dogs/puppies I fostered in my home needed socialization of some sort. Puppies were weaned at my house and got used to being handled by humans. Also my adult dogs taught them some manners. Other dogs came to me because they were fearful and needed to learn to trust again. Others had been used to only one person and so being at my house got them used to being around men,women and children.

The second great thing about dog rescue was that it made me happy. I always said the new fosters were more fun than tv. As they got used to my house and more comfortable, there would come the happy day when they relaxed and started to play. Puppies, of course, were non-stop play and so very entertaining. It gave my life meaning to be able to help living things and do what it took to find them good homes.

My parents rescued animals. All our pets were cast offs or strays. My parents also rescued wild life. With my Dad in his 90s, they felt they could no longer care for an animal even though they loved them. The third great thing about rescuing dogs/puppies was being able to share it with my parents and make them happy. Above is my Dad at age 96 getting a reminder from me of how sweet puppies are. Below Dad is so happy he sits on the ground to be closer to the puppies. The smile on his face says it all. Mom in the back ground looks pretty happy too.

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  1. Mary Roubinek says:

    Good article and the truth on dog rescue. I had the privilege to meet Hilda’s dad.

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