Tuxedo: What a Cat

For over a year someone kept contacting the rescue asking for a tuxedo. This of course forced me to learn what a tuxedo was. Usually male (but not always)it is a cat with very specific markings. The cat has to be black coated with white feet, a white vest, and white whiskers. That is a tuxedo. They really aren’t that common and when the lady wanted one I had a male I had adopted with a strong commitment to the former owner to keep him for life. The lady ended up adopting another kitten. That was years ago then just two years ago a long haired male tuxedo was abandoned here. So I have two.

So here are some photos of my original cat who was supposed to have the debonair name Bruce Wayne (batman actor). With a mix up with adoption papers he ended up being called “Mittens” [well he did have white mittens on all four feet]. Mittens has always been very attached to my husband who you see here playing with him with a string.

Mittens is part of the interesting phenomenon of a multi-cat household. Males integrate easier with both males and females. All my cats accepted him easily….he has no desire to posture or act tough. In the right mood, he will wrestle with the younger males in the household But mostly he is a carefree lap cat.



2 comments on “Tuxedo: What a Cat”

  1. Mary Roubinek says:

    I got to meet Mr. Mittens and he is a docile cat and a real homebody.

  2. Gene Barry says:

    Mittens is fantastic, like Hilda said he gets along great with all the cats. H does have an infinity for laying on my legs, sometimes stretched out if I have my legs out, sometimes he just likes to be on the highest point of my legs. He does sometimes get a little carried away and starts kneading on my leg. That I put a stop to quickly. All in all he’s a wonderful addition to our household.

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