On My Lap: Cute Cats

I have computer table that folds up and towards me. Sometimes I call it my high chair. If I look down

I always see a cat in my lap. Above is Cio Cio. She is not much of lap cat unless she hasn’t seen much of me during the day and then she is cuddly.

Harriet who was abandoned at my house is very affectionate. A bit of trivia about her is that she likes her head and chest petted but not the rest of her body.


This is Lydia, the cat I have had the longest. She is the queen of the household and, when she favors me by sitting on my lap, I have to stop what I am doing and make eye contact with her. If I don’t, she’ll leave.

Finally is Zeke my biggest cat and biggest baby. He was raised alone and bottle fed by me. When he gets on my lap, he also needs eye contact at first and then he curls up and sleeps for an hour. That means I stay at my desk. He lets me work at the computer but I have to be quiet and keep my elbows out of his face..

One comment on “On My Lap: Cute Cats”

  1. Gene says:

    Hilda isn’t just telling stories. She does always have a cat in her lap or at least on her person. Any time I look over to see her there are always cats, cats, and more cats. They lay on the back of her love seat, besides her or anywhere to be near her. I think that she is an animal magnet. Everyone loves their time with her, their momma……..

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